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CrossMarks Christian Resources
provides outstanding Bible Study materials and other Christian resources which are appropriate for small group or personal use.

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Bible Study Resources


In the beginning...
In the Key of Life
Marked for Life
A Reading Guide to the Whole Gospel of Mark A Six Session Study Guide to the Gospel of Mark
  1 Thessalonians
Encourage one another with these words...
Eyes on the Prize
1 Peter
Tested by Fire: Living as a Christian in a Post-Christian Era
It's About Time
Samples now available


Pray this Way...:
A Study of the Lord's Prayer
Two Shall Become One:
A Biblical Perspective on
Husbands and Wives
Habits of Faith
    Parables and Paradise
Living the Paradoxes of Faith
NEW CD-ROM Available!
Who Do You Say That I Am?
A Study of the Historical Jesus
  Matters of Life and Death Meditations for those facing death:
Seven meditations for anyone facing death or for those dealing with the imminent death of someone they love.

Other Resources

Exegetical notes on texts from the Revised Common Lectionary by Brian Stoffregen

Parish Nurse Resources click HERE


bulletTHE FAITH ZONE based on John 20.19-31 for the Sunday after Easter. Best suited for a youth group.Use it for free.
bullet A Minute in the Morning - A short skit to encourage families to do daily devotions using the Daily Texts. Use it for free. (The skit can be adapted for use with other devotional resources, but I encourage you to check out the site.)
bulletA Thanksgiving Special: Sermon on the Ten Lepers ... that rhymes!

El Salvador: Romero Trip commemorating the 20th anniversary of his assassination. 

Meditations for those facing death: Seven meditations for anyone who is facing death or for those who are dealing with the imminent death of someone they love.

Baptism Information Brochure: A tri-fold brochure useful for pre-Baptismal instruction. You are welcome to adapt it to fit your church's situation. Note: this brochure reflects a strong Lutheran understanding of Baptism. Reading and printing of file requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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