Psalm 22 (LXX 21) and the Crucifixion of Jesus

A Dissertation
Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School
Yale University
in Candidacy for the Degree of
Doctor of Philosophy

Mark George Vitalis Hoffman
© 1996 All rights reserved.

Dissertation Directors:
Professor Wayne A. Meeks
Professor Steven D. Fraade

December, 1996

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Click here for an Abstract of my dissertation or on this Table of Contents to read its outline and to obtain the links to the portions of the dissertation which I have published on the web. The complete dissertation is available from UMI Dissertation Services at 1-800-521-0600 or go to: ProQuest (formerly, UMI Dissertation Express) and enter 9712786 in the Order Number of the search dialogue. (Cost is $44 for an unbound paper copy; $37 for a downloadable PDF.) By 2011, an edited and updated manuscript will be ready for publication with T&T Clark in their Library of New Testament Studies series.

Reviews of the dissertation by Wayne A. Meeks and Steven D. Fraade are also available.

N.B.: To read the Greek and Hebrew characters in the text, you will need to obtain the free SPIonic and SPTiberian TrueType fonts available at the TELA Scholars Press web site: CLICK HERE to go to that site.