(Headlines like these have been floating around on the net. Here's my revised version.)

Headlines at the End of the World

USA Today


Wall Street Journal

Dow Jones Plummets as World Ends


No More TIME

Rolling Stone

The Grateful Dead Reunion Tour

Sports Illustrated

Game Over

Inc. Magazine

10 Way$ You Can Profit From the Apocalyp$e

Ladies Home Journal

Lose 10 Pounds by Judgment Day with Our New "Armageddon" Diet!

Devils Lake (ND) Daily News

Lake Burns with Fire and Sulfur
Strange Beasts Sighted

TV Guide

Death and Damnation:
Nielson Ratings Soar!

Microsoft Systems Journal

Netscape Loses Market Share

America Online

System temporarily down.
Try calling back in 15 minutes.

Sporting News

New Orleans Saints Destroy
Duke Blue Devils: 144,000-0

Money Magazine

Mortgage Rates and Property Values Hit All Time Low

National Enquirer

Inquiring Minds Now Know It All!
Inside: Elvis Really Was Dead!

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