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Revelation 1.1-3.22


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The first issue we must address is: How do you read the book of Revelation? How you answer two key questions will determine your interpretation:



















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  1. Where would you put yourself on the grid of how people read and understand Revelation? Is it okay for Christians to have such different views about Revelation? What are essential aspects of interpretation upon which you think Christians must agree?
  2. If someone was worried about death or what will happen at the end, what sort of things would you tell them that would be good news for them?
  3. Look at the outline of Revelation given on the Background Information sheet. What patterns do you notice? How does the form of the book support its function?
  4. 1.1-3: Twice in these verses reference is made to how soon the matters described in this book will take place. How was this understood by the original recipients of this book? How do you understand it?
  5. 1.9: John was on Patmos, apparently exiled, "because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus." What do you think he did that caused him to be exiled there? Have you ever been ‘cast out’ of society because of how you practiced your faith?
  6. How do you picture Jesus? How does your picture compare with that given in Revelation 1.9-20? What do our pictures of Jesus tell us about ourselves? What should we know about Jesus from his portrayal in Revelation?
  7. Look at the table you filled in listing the commendations, condemnations, and admonishments to the seven churches. What is the best complement given or virtue praised? What is the worst thing a church can do? What is the main thing the churches are encouraged to do?
  8. With which of the seven churches is your church most like?
  9. If we were to discover a letter from Christ to you personally, what commendations, condemnations, and encouragements do you think it would include?

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