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Bible Study Handout PDF


ParableIntro.PDF ParableIntro.ppt    
Mustard Seed MustardSeed.ppt MustardSeed.pdf An experimental, interactive approach (This is very preliminary.)
Good Samaritan GoodSam.ppt GoodSam.pdf A Father and Two Sons CD from ABS (online)
Lost and Found  in Luke 15 LostFoundLuke15.ppt LostFoundLuke15.PDF "It's All About Her" by David Simpson (story and study)
The Other Side -- "Prodigal" by Michael Olin-Hitt (online)
Unjust Judge UnjustJudge.ppt UnjustJudge.pdf  Bible Quiz
Rich Fool RichFool.ppt RichFool.pdf  
Laborers in Vineyard Laborers.ppt Laborers.pdf  
Talents Talents Matthew.ppt Talents.PDF Talents Skit.PDF // DOC by Brad Dayett
Ten Lepers TenLepers.ppt TenLepers.pdf Thanksgiving Sermon by MGVHoffman
Rich Man and Lazarus RichManLazarus.ppt N/A "Wednesday 4AM" by Joseph Veres (story and study)
Secret Seed SecretSeed.ppt N/A Bach's Invention midi (from Bach online)
Great Supper GreatSupper.ppt GreatSupper.pdf - Good Samaritan (online)

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