Plans for My Resurrection Service

When families are in the midst of grieving a loved one’s death, it is often difficult to make decisions regarding funeral arrangements. In addition to figuring out practical matters, the family usually wishes that they knew the desires of the one who died.

Take this opportunity to make plans for your funeral / resurrection service. You may wish to complete this form on your own or together with your spouse or a relative or friend. After you have completed it, make copies and give them to a few different people for safekeeping. In making these decisions now, you will be giving a gift to those who will grieve your death.




Persons to be notified at time of death:

Mortuary to be used for arrangements:

Do you want visitation at the mortuary prior to the service?  Yes / No

Do you prefer:  Funeral with casket present  / Memorial service without casket present

Preference for disposition: Traditional burial at Cemetery   / Cremation (If so, how are ashes to be kept/disposed?)  /  Other means:
        (Donation to a medical school requires proper legal documentation.)

Do you have a will? Yes /  No -   If so, where is it kept?

Name of your lawyer:

Specific requests regarding memorial gifts:


Resurrection Service to be conducted at:

Some (one to three) Scripture readings to be used:

Some (one to three) hymns / music to be used:

Some thoughts I think would be important to express in my funeral sermon or some words of comfort and consolation I would like to say to those who mourn my death:






Other preferences for the service:




Any other information that might be helpful? (Birth, where you lived, work experiences, organizations to which you belonged, etc.)