Leader's Guides:

Guides are available for each of the six studies. They provide:

As an example, click here for the Leader's Guide to Habit 1: Prayer

Dramatic Skits:

There is a skit which goes with each topic. They were used as part of our teaching worship service in order to introduce one aspect of the presentation. The skits were about 3-6 minutes long, required only a few simple props, and in most cases required no memorization or permitted the use of scripts. The skits are:

Exercises Related to Each Habit of Faith:

Each study guide contains a "For Practice" section where a variety of exercises are suggested. The exercises have a range of expectations of group and individual comfort levels, but they all are designed to get people to begin practice the faith habit discussed in that section. As an example of the kind of exercise resources available, check out the Psalm 23 Parallel Translations worksheet used for Session 2.

One of the most important resources developed for this series is the Ministry Gifts Discovery Tool used in connection with Session 5. It is a self-scoring inventory which helps people identify their God-given gifts for use both in their daily lives and in the church.

Habits of Faith Theme Song:

A Habits of Faith song was composed for those series which is particularly suitable for use with the children's activities. This song is available in midi format as well as in piano/guitar sheet music form.

Children's Activities (Lent Event):

For each faith habit, there is a set of recommended resources and materials for children which include skits, games, and activities.

Pastor's / Presenter's Resources:

For each faith habit, a number of additional resources are available which would help a pastor or presenter preach on or teach the topic at hand. With Session 1 on Prayer, for example, such resources include: